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William D King is delighted to come up with the idea of helping poor students with the scholarship program for the academic year 2021-2022. The scholarship money is one-time financial help or cash reward for the most brilliant students who have a flair for writing a detailed, informative, and engaging essay.

Bill moved on from the University of Florida in 1981. Presently, he turned into a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Healthcare Business Consultant. In 1987, he established Doctors Management LLC – principally serving clinical practices cross country as bookkeepers and business counselors. In 2011, he extended his administration base to incorporate Dentists, Veterinarians, and Small Business proprietors – and his organization was re-designed as Accountants and Business Advisors, LLC (ABA). Bill has begun, and presently works, a few independent companies wherein he has possession.

He has likewise had a critical job in the capital raise prerequisites for a few of those independent ventures to which he is associated. His firm, ABA, presently serves more than 2,700 customers – furnishing them with business guidance and expense minimization methodologies. Bill lives in Knoxville, Tennessee with his better half of more than 36 years, Meg. His most established child is providing legal counsel subsequent to moving on from the U.F. Levin College of Law and his most youthful child is a wellness coach and land sales rep following his graduation from the University of Mississippi. His solitary granddaughter, Cameron, girl of Ryan and Jennifer King, lives in Jacksonville, FL.

William D King Grant

The William D King Grant program is a charitable initiative by the experienced financial planner and public accountant to come to the assistance of the poor US students, who do not have the money to chase higher education in the country. Also, That is the reason why William has declared the grant amount of $1,000 to helps these students pay their college or university tuition fees. The prize amount will go to the best candidate, who writes the best essay with clarity and uniqueness.

William D King finished his bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida back in 1981. Next, he soon became a Certified Public Accountant, and even a Certified Healthcare Business Consultant owing to his determination, skills, and dedication to achieve professional success in life.

William’s educational qualification is completing a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Besides, he has CPA and CHBC to his credit as well. His time is spent in Knoxville in Tennessee as well as in Gainesville in the Sunshine State of Florida.

Back in 1987, William D King incepted Doctors Management LLC for serving medical practices all through America as business counselors as well as accountants. Next, in 2011, William widened his service to veterinarians, dentists, and even small business entrepreneurs. Did you know that his firm re-developed as Accountants and Business Advisors (ABA)?

William D King is hard-working professional

William D King is a hard-working professional and associated with numerous small firms in which he has ownership. He also played an important role in raising business capital for most of these firms with which he is related, now.

ABA, William’s organization successfully caters to over 2,700 customers now, helping them with wise recommendations, strategic advice, and tax-cutting strategies. Then, if you think that William D King is solely business-minded, you are mistaken. The grant program to help the poor students of the US is his greatest charitable initiative.

William D King knows how expensive the education system in the US is and that is why his humanitarian initiative of offering a prize amount to the best student writing an outstanding essay.

Similarly, It is easy for students from affluent backgrounds to pay for high college tuition fees, but impossible for the poor students of the country. The only option is taking a student loan at a high rate of interest that requires repayment on time.

William D King happily stays with his wife Meg in Tennessee for more than three decades, almost 36 years. His eldest lad Ryan is now busy practicing law. He got into law after he finished his graduation from the UF Levin College. The youngest son Kyle is a professional health trainer and works as a property salesperson. He too started working after completing his education at the University of Mississippi.

William’s granddaughter s Cameron, the child of Ryan and Jennifer King, and they stay in Jacksonville in Florida.

William D King now works as the President of ABA and knowledgeable in matters related to tax reduction, working determinedly for all his ABA clients. His hobbies are biking with his partner Meg and spending some quality time with his children. William loves pets and spends his time with his furry friends Bailey and Lucy. The dogs keep the King family fully entertained.

About William D King Grant Program

The William D King Grant is a merit-based initiative for the most brilliant and merited students in the US. William is more than happy to introduce the grant idea of assisting the financially deprived students with the grant money of $1,000 for penning the best essay.

Also, The amount of grant is one-time financial assistance for the most deserving students applying for the same. Then, to win the prize, the candidates must have a natural talent for writing engaging and meaningful essays. The best write-up will be chosen and the student award with the grant money.

The topic for the essay is “Are you interested in any sports? What makes you passionate about it?” The essay must have examples from real life to support the write-up. No made incidents will be consider. The judges, who would evaluate the essays, are intelligent enough to spot a difference.


Before applying for the William D King program, he or she must fill up the following details.

The student must be currently register at one of the recognized and popular US universities or colleges.

The candidate must be a junior, sophomore, or even freshman.

All candidates should write an informative essay of approx, 700-850 words on the subject, “Are you interested in any sports? What makes you passionate about it?”


All students are expect to write the best essay that generates reader interest. The final date of essay submission is June 30, 2022.


The William D King Grantis the prize money for one time and it is $1,000.

How to apply for the grant

The William D King Grant essay requires completion. It must be sent through an email as an attached word file to info@williamdkinggrant.com.

Make sure that you send all the important details along with their essays in the correct format: .First Name and Last Name of the US student

Telephone Number or Mobile Number

Correct Mailing Address

Email ID

Date of High School Graduation

The name of the University or College the student is currently enrolled or has applied at, or whose application is approved

Most current or present GPA

Brief bio-data

Deadline and Announcement of the Winner

The last date for the William D King Grant and essay submission along with all details is June 30, 2022.

The winner, who writes an exceptional essay, would receive intimation through a formal email. The name of the successful student will show up on the website williamdkinggrant.com.     

Selecting the winner

The winner of the William D King Grant program will be inform via email by July 15, 2022. The winning student must contact William D King soon by responding to the email. The grant money of $1,000 will be credit right away to the student’s grant or bank account.


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