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9 Principles of Business Ethics by William D King

principles of business ethics

Let’s start with the very basic; let us learn what exactly is meant by business ethics. By business ethics, William D King refer to the set of principles, code of conduct, and rules that a business should meet. It enables the company to determine a standard that separates the rights from the wrongs.

Below are the principles of business ethics that everyone should follow:

1. Be Trustworthy

It is imperative that you build the trust of your business. Customers want to engage with companies that are trustable and give them reliability and assurance. Don’t defame them or disclose private information.

2. Cater to Deadlines and Obligations

Whatever happens, learn to meet all the deadlines and obligations, irrespective of circumstances. Honour all the client’s or customers’ deadlines to gain their trust. This will ultimately help your business to grow.

3. Pursue Accountability

Pursuing accountability for your actions is a must. William D King says learn to accept your mistakes and own them. It goes both ways; whether you are the employee or the employer, taking accountability for your own actions is a must.

4. Have Official Documentation Ready

Provide information that is readable, concise and clear. Make sure that all the facts, negative and positive, are told. All the terms and conditions should be mentioned clearly in the fine print.

5. Learn to Adapt to New Ideas

For a company to grow, continuous efforts have to be made along with innovation. For that, you need to soak in new ideas and implement on them. Take help from your team, customers and clients to make an informed decision.

6. Don’t Engage in Conflicts

While healthy competition is always good, aggressively competing against each other can end on a sour note. The company should survey these matters and try to resolve any internal conflicts.

7. Learn to be Respectful

Principles of business ethics include your attitude with others. No matter what difference you have in your titles, ages, positions or status, it is essential to treat everyone with respect and courtesy.

8. Be Social

Be social and also community-oriented. This will give your business a responsible and social feel that will help people to relate to it.

9. Stay Vigilant when it Comes to Finances

It is the best practice to be very sharp and vigilant when it comes to finances. Your record-keeping should be immaculate to give a clear vision of your company’s progress and answer any “questionable” activities.


According to William D King a clear and transparent working system should be created; this would help in promoting ethical principles. Stay authentic, loyal and vigilant to help grow the business. Follow the guidelines mentioned above and follow a moral code of conduct.