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William D King on the Vicious Cycle of Physical Inactivity and Struggle of Mental Well-being in the Era of Covid

William D King

A major problem in the lives of people currently is an increase in depression and anxiety. With the onset of COVID-19, people have lost their motivation to work for physical activity says, William D King. This has made people go into a vicious cycle of low mental health and increased levels of physical inactivity. The pandemic has increased mental health challenges in people, thus making physical activity quite difficult for people to handle. In this current article, we will throw light on the relation between physical activity and mental health. We will also talk about how these two factors affect each other and, as a result, affect a person’s life.

Physical inactivity: A study by William D King

Physical activity is an important part of our daily lives as it affects our well-being and somehow sets the course of our day. COVID- 19 has affected the factor of physical activity in different households. As per the data analysis of various reports lower-income households have trouble maintaining their physical activity. Thus, such households are struggling more in the mental health department. People from low-income houses have more depression and anxiety during the pandemic than people with households who try to maintain their regular physical activity.

Increase in the mental distress

There is an increase in mental distress among people due to the fear of pandemic that physical activity level is very hard to maintain. This is also a big reason to increase mental health problems. As being less active increases the sense of worthlessness among people, they start to lose their confidence and motivation to do anything. Hence, drowning more into the vicious cycle of physical inactivity and low mental health.

Relationship between Physical inactivity and Mental Health Status

In different studies by various researchers and research institutions, it was revealed that physically active people have good mental health. In simpler terms, the more physical activity you do, the happier you will become. Thus, establishing a direct relationship between physical activity and mental health. This also states that the less active you are, the more you are prone to have mental issues such as anxiety, depression, etc.

An unprecedented finding from the research 

In addition to these researches, one more finding states. People who come from well-off houses can maintain their pre-pandemic physical activity level. Apart from this, we also find that people from urban areas have difficulty maintaining their physical activities. But it is easier for people who hail from rural areas. People who belong to rural areas have no trouble maintaining physical activities. And they are happier and content and have no major mental problems says, William D King.

Final Words

With the help of the above findings, we can say that one of the best methods to keep your mental health in shape is going for exercises and participating in different physical activities. Getting help from professionals should always be a priority, as nothing can compare to professional help.